Initiate and drive equitable and inclusive revitalization of downtown Richmond (CA) to improve the quality of life outcomes/options for current and future stakeholders of Richmond and the surrounding areas.



Our Goal at CoBiz

Create a vibrant entrepreneurial hub for start-ups, entrepreneurs, non-profits, creatives, students and local residents to strive in their professional and personal endeavors.

Meet Our Team

Wesley Alexander, CEO

I love to witness the surprise and pride on people’s face when they walk into CoBiz and say, “Richmond Deserves This.” Yes, Richmond does and so do many other underserved communities.

Christina Kennedy, Digital Media & Communications Lead

I love working in an environment where I, the team, our members, and the community can completely
be our true selves and thrive.

La Marla Guillory, Event Manager

I love that CoBiz has become a place for entrepreneurs to turn their goals from dreams into plans

Brianna Casanares, Facility Lead

CoBiz has offered myself and colleagues an exceptional place to operate our businesses in Richmond, CA. Once a commuter, I enjoy spending less time on the train and more time networking and enjoying my community.

Caleb Finley, Intern

Cobiz has offered me tons of unforgettable experiences and connections that have helped me thrive in new environments.

Willie “Will” Chapman, Creative Director and Founder of iThrivLocal

Coming Soon

Ida Henjesand, Summer Intern

I love to work with a team that inspires across the globe with their passion and dedication.


Great environment, and friendly service!! It is very cozy, modern and high tech. Can’t wait to go back!!

It was my first time at CoBiz Richmond just a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to go back! Although I live a bit far, this spot will be my go-to, to get my work done when I’m in the area.

“In what has been a trying year, CoBiz has had a very positive impact on my life and that of my company. For one, it has offered a safe space where I can interact with the staff and other members. I have been able to get great advice and support from Wesley and his team which has helped me makes key decisions on many fronts. I have also been able to hold my internship program with high-needs youth from Richmond in the space which has been invaluable.”

A Day as
a CoBizian

What being a member is all about. Take a look inside life as a CoBizian.


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We are committed to revitalizing downtown Richmond and the Greater Richmond area.