Incubator Program – Strategize 1st

A grueling, comprehensive, 1:1 business and professional incubation program that prepares entrepreneurs, vetpreneurs, non-profiteurs, and students with the mindset and skillsets necessary to:

  1. launch their business,
  2. execute a strategic/business plan geared toward sustainability, and
  3. attain a successful exit.

By the end of the program, participants will establish a deeper understanding of their responsibilities as leaders of their enterprises and will establish a community of colleagues to support them on their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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Our Methodology

Whether you have start-up, non-profit, professional, or personal ambitions, you are the CEO of your vision.

Via 1:1 engagement, Mr. Alexander is able to prepare you to define and execute your vision.

One of our tenets is “Know Your Customer.” We rely on data, facts, instincts and tribal knowledge to help each participant discover and leverage their competitive advantage.

More importantly, each participant is mentally trained to intimately understand the entrepreneurial journey they are embarking on.

Ultimately, we Learn, Apply, Measure, Forge Ahead, and Pivot when necessary.


We are in the Bay Area—the epicenter of innovation; thus, providing ample opportunities to access experiences that other regions of the country can barely or rarely offer. With the virtual environment forced upon, there are even greater opportunities to access experties and experiences locally to globally.

Facilitator: Wesley Alexander, Esq/MBA

Who Can Apply? Anyone at the

Idea or early stage of your Start-up
Idea or early stage of your Non-profit
Idea or early stage of your new business
Idea or early stage of your civic initiative
Idea or early stage of your education

Interested, please email Wesley at


Length: Varies for each person
Frequency: Bi-weekly
Sessions: In-person & Virtual
When: Thursday (6:30pm-8:30pm)
Size of cohort: 20


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Our goal is to create a vibrant entrepreneurial hub for start-ups, entrepreneurs, non-profits, creatives, students and local residents to strive in their professional and personal endeavors.